Private Dancer A cinema-inspired performance work through the eyes of Rita Hayworth
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Locus Media was established in 1998 by Sam P. Israel, a New York City lawyer who has made a commitment to integrating art with a social consciousness. Since its inception, Locus Media has combined strong relationships with artists to explorations of thematic concerns, creating settings for readings, film screenings and performances by actors and musicians, while generating charitable donations for worthwhile causes such as The New York Foundling Hospital, Girls Write Now, The Asia Society, and The Dream Big Literacy Program.

Decent Productions is an organization for the Arts established in 2012 with partners in the arts and executive realm. Decent Productions introduces its first project, a combined media show for stage, Private Dancer in November 2013.
A rich blend of story, choreography and film, "Private Dancer" explores the deep divide between a star's manufactured image and her hidden truth, which in the case of Hayworth, who suffered from alcoholism and early onset Alzheimer's disease, was an unfathomable chasm.

With multiple collaborators – choreographer Francesca Harper, composer Brian Ralston, style director Laurie Schechter, sound designer Lisa K. Fowle, production designer Abigail Benavides, lighting designer Joshua Rose, and filmmaker Bob Degus (the show's director) -- Snakechalmer summons up this portrait of feminine mystique that is both stunning in its visual-aural impact and chilling in its raw honesty.

Referred to as “The Love Goddess,” Hayworth was a dancer and actor, the only actor to dance on screen with both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. She starred in 61 films, but studio execs and her five husbands – powerful men such as Orson Welles, Prince Aly Khan and the singer Dick Haymes – often thwarted her personal urges for domestic comfort and safety. Though she frequently portrayed singers and wanted to learn to sing, she was discouraged from singing and her voice was frequently dubbed.